Recognized by The Institute of Sales & Marketing

This qualification is recognized by the UK Government through the Institute of Sales and Marketing. This is an opportunity you will be able to have after 6 weeks on the job and after being evaluated by our representatives at the Center for Recruiting Excellence.

We assess the progress of candidates

We've said it before. We don't only want you to get there, but we want to help you build a career. This is why we will be following your progress and we will be rooting for you to succeed. There are two types of assessments: the one with work based evidence and the one with model assignment. We are here so you can become a true sales professional, with a high income, confident in your own abilities, internationally recognized, experienced and ready to follow a shining career in the field of sales, in any direction life might take you.

We offer prizes based on:

  • 1Understanding buyer behavior
  • 2Understanding marketing
  • 3Understanding laws and ethics of selling
  • 4Sales targets
  • 5Understanding selling to customers
  • 6Selling to customers