L'core Paris


L’Core Paris is a boutique skin care company with a mission: to deliver real and visible results, specializing in anti-aging and beautifying treatments, so that women can look and feel the best version of themselves inside-out, in a safe, natural and healthy way. Our passion for natural resources and innovations are showcased in our signature collections, which combine gemstones, 24K gold, and organic botanicals, which have proven to dramatically improve skin texture, and contain beautifying properties. Since 2011, we have been choosing the best organic extracts and transforming them into high quality formulas, engineered to maximize results. At L’Core, we are dedicated to creating highly advanced products conforming to the highest quality standards, while caring for the environment and the world we live in.


With the constant changes in our environment, including the large amount of free radicals in our surroundings, our skin is nowadays lacking nutrients or in need of detox. Therefore, it is imperative to achieve innovative ways to tackle the conditions that harm our skin, and with the excess of synthetics and chemicals everywhere, we are turning our attention to more natural answers. Gemstones provide therapeutic value, and so gemstone facials are becoming increasingly popular among people who want a healing treatment that also helps balance their energy levels, since apart from skincare benefits, gemstones can also impact energy and mood. In fact, using products that contain gemstones can provide you with re mineralization and energetic benefits. Everything has energy. Gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency, and when we apply those vibrations to our skin, we will absorb some of that positive energy. Finally, due to the fact that gemstones provide microcirculation and clarity, they inherently give the skin a special glow.   In each of our product formulations, the gemstones are ground to a micro-fine powder along with a mixture of vitamin rich oils and aromatherapy essences, and are applied directly to the skin. This helps our skin to relax and improve its texture and tone, with a beautiful sensory experience.



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