The one skill which will open all doors for you, in ANY industry, is the ability to sell. If you get the ABC of it down and you can naturally back up everything you are taught in this respect, you have a shining and profitable career in front of you. Here are some great starting points, summed up in 10 bullets. We invite you to deepen them. We also appreciate proactive people who can create their own way through succesful sales!

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1. Make sense

Whether it’s a good deal, a bulk purchase, a limited edition, make the customer feel like this is the right choice. We are taught that people mainly make emotional choices. But the best deals are the ones which leave the customer feeling like they got more from it than you. Appeal to logic. 1+1 = 2. This will make the benefits seem more tangible and it will help people justify their purchase easier.

2. DEMO = Facts + facts + facts

Show them! The best way to convince someone of the existence of unicorns is to show them one. Untill then, we will just keep successfully applying this principle to sale techniques. You will be working with products that have great immediate results, so focus as much as possible to build up expectations and them make the outcome the star of your presentation. WOW. Bottom line: you delivered what you promised!

3. The customer knows best

He/she knows it. You know it. This is the creed you need to show off in your presentation. You must not contradict the customer nor insist on things he/she has shut down with decisiveness, but while you still have his/her attention, try to work more on the feeling of personal self worth. Make them think about how this product, which you obviously think is great, will be ingeniously mathced to their well deserving person.

4. Find value in anything

If you are set on pursuing this cosmetic sales career, this must become your professional habbit. Give a value to anything, and then try as hard as you can to match the value the customer gives in his/her own head. It’s kind of like being on „The Price Is Right” every minute of your work day, but you get to move forward and throw anything in: emotional value, personal value, social significance, political meaning, financial gain etc. .

5. A little psychology goes a long way

You may be surprised on how little people think about pleasing themselves and how much they care about what others think of them. Or you may not. Either way, it’s important to know how to spot the people in the first and in the second category as soon as possible. This wil turn your sales pitch completelly around. Learn to read the signs early on as this is one of the few clear cut categories you can benefit from when working with your shoppers.

6. Avoid the pushy salesperson stereotype – Be elegant and polite, carefully paying attention to the questions of your customer

There is nothing people hate more than a pushy sales person. This is one of the reasons people will instinctively avoid you once they figure out you are trying to sell them something. Make it as obvious as possible that you want to present something and be friendly and professional about it. A purchase made by someone who felt harrassed is a customer lost along with ALL of the other people he/she could have recommended you to.

7. Shopping IS therapy!

Never forger the fact that we do not really need all of these malls and shops and products, but that people love to buy, to splurge once in a while. This lavish display makes us feel like we are worth the effort. And this is where you come in and ingeniously place your product in the hand of someone who was not particularly out to buy anything in particular.

8. What’s the catch?

There is no catch, but people’s minds are trained to look for it, especially when a product is performant, it is proven to work and it has a good price. It’s your job to level it and make the customer feel he/she got good value for their purchase.

9. Experience the…experience

Although a lot of people shop online, there are things which still drive people out of their houses and into malls: the pleasure of being out shopping, of choosing and touching, trying on and of testing. The brands with the most to gain from this? The ones which put on a show, which create the world the customer is willing to leave the confort of home to experience.

10. Create need, popularity, desire

What you say is important, what you present is key, but what you make shoppers think and feel is essential. When you are dealing in large sales, making many people want something is important. No matter how old we are or in what social category we fit best, we will still look for other’s approval and admiration. Use this to your advantage!
We are sure that by following the above steps and of course, along with your personal charm and smile, you will be able to convince, therefore be selected as a 5 star candidate.
Make sure you understood your task and you have practiced your presentation several times in front of the mirror before you upload your movie. GOOD LUCK!