Why choose the Rik Recruitment‎ services?

Because our experience in the field of recruitment is vast and allows us to anticipate many of your needs. We know how stressful it is to move away for a job, especially to a different country. That is why we offer the best relocation services.
We have your path to a shining, bright career all marked out and we are willing to guide you personally. Our job isn’t just to get you there, it’s to see you through. This is why we will keep in touch to see what else you need, to make the transition easier and to keep improving our services.

WE SET UP an intuitive, user friendly website which candidates can navicate eaily
All of our information has been made available and structured in such a manner that it should be easy for you to understand the job, to learn about the brands and to choose one. All that is left for you to do is to take the interview.


WE PROVIDE assistance with the drafting of documents and putting together of all of the candidates' needed files, plus support in any other needed relocation post arrival. It will ALL be done with our help and your personal trips to various institutions will be limited to the smallest number possible. This type of assistance includes:

  • information regarding how to get a visa to the relevand countries
  • how to open a bank account
  • how to get a NI number
  • how to get a doctor appointment and so on


WE RELEASE Internationally recognized certifications in marketing and sales. This is a UK Government recognized qualification from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. This is an opportunity you will benefit from after 6 weeks on the job.


We’ve said it before. We don’t only want you to get there, but we want to help you build a career. This is why we will be following your progress and we will be rooting for you to succeed. There are two types of assessments: the one with work based evidence and the one with model assignment.

WE HELP the selected candidates take the next step
Getting a job is great. In your own country, you just sign a few papers and you show up. Getting a job abroad is the same, but with more paperwork which must be done in a particular way. This is where we come in and take the stress of it off your shoulders. We know the drill, we are familliar with the routine and this is what we can wholeheartedly offer.


WE HAVE the suitable accomodation and ALLOW you to stay there for two weeks rent free.
Yes, this is an incentive we like all of our candidates to benefit from. Passing Through Jobs is all about helping the right candidates get the right jobs, and for this, we are willing to cover the rent costs for the first two weeks. Apart from that, you will have to choose from a vast selection of appartments and other dwellings, all modern, furnished and equpped with anything you need.


WE OFFER the possibility to bring your partner or friends. Because we know moving somewhere else can be difficult, both logistically as well as emotionally, we aim to make things as easy as possible. Not only do we take over a lot of the things you must do, we also make sure you do not leave your loved ones behind. Apply together and share in this amazing experience which will lead you to brilliant careers